Check with your Dermatologist for Regular Screening of Skin Cancer

People are commonly detected with skin cancer these days. However, even though it is frequently diagnosed and people are aware of it, many people avoid regular screening of their skin. One should know that cancer should be treated as early as possible to avoid further criticalities. That is why one should go for regular health checkup that not only involve internal organs, but also screening of external parts as well.

Skin cancer and cosmetic dermatology center in North Oaks, North Metro Dermatology is considered one of the best center with trained and experienced staff and best equipment with upgraded system to handle. Their doctors and skin specialists provide proper care and treatment to all age group of patients. According to dermatologists, skin cancer can happen on any skin tone. Even a small blister burn can turn to cancer. However, they also assure that this disease has high rate of curing.

It is easy to detect any changes on your skin which can be a possibility of cancer. Not every change on skin is considered to be cancer. However, there isn’t any harm in confirming it from a dermatologist. Skin cancer starts with lesion on skin or new or altering mole. This mole or lesion will change in size or color which triggers the alert signal. It isn’t difficult to mark any changes in them as you keep monitoring and looking at them regularly, while changing clothes or taking bath. When you start observing any changes, contact your medical expert immediately.

Here are few things that you should know before booking an appointment with the doctor –

  • Ensure that you tell about your family history and other skin related problems. Also, inform them about your previous visits to any dermatologist.
  • You will be asked to undress and wear paper gown so that dermatologist can examine thoroughly your whole body through naked eyes and magnifying glass.
  • The doubtful spot will be sprayed with liquid nitrogen which is cold and thickens the frozen cells. This process is repeated many times so that cells are completely frozen and the blister will heal in few days.

  • However, if the dermatologist identifies a cancerous spot, then they prescribe for biopsy.
  • During biopsy, the  area is numbed with anesthesia and either a tiny blade is used to shave out lesion and then band aid is put to stop bleeding, or a small cookie cutter is utilized to cut out lesion and then two or three stitches are put on the area to heal.
  • Biopsy report takes time to appear, till then your doctor might prescribe you some medications and send you back home. If cancer diagnosed is positive, then further treatment of surgery and chemotherapy is started.

Thus, instead of delaying by just considering the lesion or mole a small thing, check with your doctor frequently. Cancer is something, which can happen at any age. Don’t risk your life as it is very precious.

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