Get Clear and Glowing Skin with the Right Hydrafacial Treatment

One of the major reasons for your skin losing its natural glow is pollution. Dust particles in the form of dirt and dust can enter the skin pores causing premature aging, allergies, and other skin conditions. There are a lot of cosmetic treatments that can help clean out the pores and make your skin look radiant and fresh. One such treatment that is gaining a lot of popularity is hydra-facial treatment.

Hydrafacial is for everyone

You need not have to be a certain age to get yourself a hydra-facial treatment. This is a medical resurfacing treatment that not only sucks out the impurities from your skin but also hydrates it. Not all medical spas offer such kind of treatment. You need to research clinics that offer these services and then book an appointment for the same.

In Miami, there are many credible and certified med spas such as Arviv Medical Aesthetics in Florida that offer hydra-facial treatment. They have trained esthetician who makes use of special wands to clean and exfoliate your skin. This is a completely pain-free process and takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

Hydra-facial treatment consists of 5 steps:

  • Vortex Cleansing
  • Acid Peel
  • Vortex Extraction
  • Vortex Boost
  • Vortex Fusion

Vortex cleansing refers to gently cleaning your skin and exfoliating it. This involves the process of removing the dead skin cells with the help of serums. The next step involves using an acid peel which is a mixture of salicylic and glycolic acids to reach the deep pores of your skin to remove debris and dirt.

The next step after the acid peel is the vortex extraction. This involves the use of a vacuum to gently suck the impurities and blackheads from the skin and cleanses the pores. The next step is the vortex boost that helps to improve your skin conditions with specialized solutions.

The last step involves vortex fusion that makes uses of special peptides and hyaluronic acids to detoxify your skin.

Why Go for Hydrafacial Treatment

Some of the benefits of opting for hydra-facial treatment include:

  • It is a fast and easy way to rejuvenate your skin
  • You need not prepare well in advance for procuring this treatment
  • The results are immediate
  • You can even opt for customized treatment based on your requirements
  • It helps to keep your skin hydrated and blemish-free
  • It makes use of blue light therapy to reduce bacteria causing acne


Hydrafacial treatment can be used by both men and women. If you have any queries regarding the treatment, never hesitate to discuss it with your esthetician.

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