Holistic Insurance Services for Health Practitioners

Holistic Therapy is a form of treatment which considers human body as whole which means different parts of the body are dependent and if one gets affected, it will automatically affects others. Optimum health and Wellness is the primary motive and also helps the patients for gaining proper balance in life. Body, mind, spirit and emotions – these are the elements a person is made up of. If one of this gets imbalanced, the negativity which comes out of it affects or imbalances the whole person.

Holistic Practitioners are the persons who know the art of healing human body based on the above said factors. Unconditional love as well as family support is the best healer is its belief and person himself is responsible for his own health, both physically and mentally. Treatment can involve medications as well as changes in lifestyles to make sure the patient will not suffer from the same problem/disease again.

Holistic Therapy resolves the source of the disease or discomfort and treats the entire body. They use some of the unconventional methods which might cause misunderstanding for the clients because they won’t understand which may lead to petition against Practitioner. They might ask you many questions about your sleep habits, daily routine, diet, your emotions, religious beliefs relationships and may more.

During the treatment approach, see if your practitioner examines all the required factors like lifestyle and also medical history or factors which might the cause for your illness. You should be comfortable with practitioner; it’s a team approach involving you and therapist. So, just in case any unforeseen issue arises; HolisticInsurance is the financial protection for the holistic health practitioners.


Like other insurances, this insurance covers Public Liability, if third-party files a petition for the damages occurred at the place of business demanding the compensation. When you perform a breach in your duty during the therapy or avoided some part of it which might cause damage to the patient physically or mentally.

 Professional Liability provides you a financial protection. This also protects you against copyright infringement, design infringement and deformation of slander against you.

Product Liability covers when the patient claims that a product you used on them harmed or caused damage to them.

Personal accident coverage and Legal Expenses protection are the additional optional coverage for the Practitioner. Personal accident Coverage provides protection in case of disability to work when you are injured with payments or a lump sum will be returned if disabled permanently. Legal expenses protection helps to pay the bills for the unexpected bills you received which is not related to the any above said coverage.

Optional Coverage for the Therapies

Other than this, there are some complimentary therapies. If you have children and you are working, check for the exclusions about this as it can vary from broker to broker. Employers’ liability insurance has to be taken if you employ staff part time or full time, without which you are obliged to pay fine. Also for the number of therapies offered, make sure that they are stated and covered.

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