Hair transplant procedures have become more common and are being offered by various clinics. If you are trying to determine the potential cost for the treatment, then the variables available can be overwhelming. Hair transplant has become one of the most popular choices. “Leading Surgeons in Hair Transplant Institute, Toronto shared why it is increasingly being opted for, Within a few weeks after the transplant, you may look like how you did before but within the surface, the follicles are actively growing new hair, which will appear within a few months and would make the difference evident.”

What is the procedure of hair transplant?

With the advancement in technology, hair transplant now uses digital and robotic technology to carry out streamlined hair transplant surgeries. These leading-edge techniques have various benefits like minimal scarring and rapid recovery, most of the times. As the recovery is fast and incisions are not visible it is the perfect choice for the people who are always on the go and can’t afford to take out a lot of time from their busy schedule.

In the process of FUE or Follicular Unit Excision, a handheld rotary punch tool is used for extracting donor grafts one by one. This method differs drastically from the methods which have been quite prominent in the previous years. In the old method, a whole strip of the scalp would first be excised and then dissected. In the procedure of FUE, these extensive incisions are avoided, which means that there is reduced risk, reduction of healing time and significantly reduced visible evidence of the surgery. In the process, DTH resistant hair is extracted from robust growth areas like the back or sides of the head. Then these follicles are implanted in the sparse area.

What is the approximate cost of the treatment?

As every person has a different need, the pricing for the hair restoration is customized according to one’s needs. The type of hair loss, the hair you have, the chose practitioner, the procedure that you have opted for and the number of grafts needed. They all factor in to determine the cost. Most of the times, the FUE treatment is calculated based on cost-per-graft. As FUE is a tedious procedure, the graft could cost anywhere between $5 to 7. Each hair transplant contains between 1 to 4 strands of hair in most cases, as they are extracted in the natural groupings that hair grows in. You might have 400 – 3,000 grafts transplanted in a session, depending on your needs. So the cost would considerably differ according to that.

Is it worth its value?

Yes, even though it’s a pricy procedure, FUE has lasting and permanent benefits which have made it a popular choice. This transplanted hair can be washed, cut and styled just like your previous hair because they are your real hair. Most clinics would offer financing options to help offset the fees for the procedure.

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