How to Prepare for Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

When you shave or wax the area there are chances of noticeable flaws like ingrown hair, stubble regrowth and razor burns. In the mirror, everything looks decent but on the beach in sunlight a spot that was missed is revealed. This is the reason that women choose laser hair removal solution.

Many women are not aware of the difference between Brazilian and bikini line treatment. The subject seems awkward to discuss with the technicians. The latter includes area outside panty line up to three inches, while the former also includes the perianal and labia areas.

Benefits of Brazilian laser treatment

  • Permanent hair removal solution.
  • Wear a bikini without any worries about last time you waxed or shaved.
  • Choose any bikini style without considering whether it suits your grooming technique or not.
  • Wear latest bikini bottoms that expose more region with confidence.
  • No need to plan your frequent hair removal sessions.
  • Experience flawless and smooth skin all the time.

Visit to learn about different kinds of lasers the technicians use. You will need to choose a laser equipment designed to suit your skin color and hair thickness.

How to prepare for Brazilian laser hair removal treatment?

The skin needs to be prepared, before every session for the hair follicles to soak up laser rays properly.

  • Don’t thread, wax, tweeze, bleach or pluck hair from the area in between appointments.
  • Only exfoliating and shaving is great during treatment. It will help to loosen stubborn hair in follicles encouraging hair to fall.
  • Best time for starting Brazilian laser treatment is in winter months, so that you can enjoy a beach vacation in summer.
  • Avoid sun exposure to areas that need laser treatment or it can cause darkening [hyperpigmentation] or lightening [hypopigmentation] of the skin. Your skin color has to be natural before and during sessions.
  • Avoid caffeine
  • Lotions, perfume, deodorant, and powders must be kept away from area that need to be treated.
  • Shave on the day or night prior your appointment and use non-perfumed cleansing products.
  • Before the first session make sure that there is a 4 to 6-week full hair growth, so as to get a good shave.
  • Schedule an appointment, when you are not in menstruation.

During treatment

You will feel little awkward to go all nude in front of the technician but remember it is what they do just like a doctor. There may be pain and the experience is personal. After the first session, you will see significant difference. The sessions required can range from 6 to 12 and more because it depends on your skin type and hair.

As the hair follicles get damaged the chances for regrowth is eliminated. Actually, the laser seeks dark pigmentation, which is concentrated at hair roots.

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