Keloid Scars: Should you Get Yours Removed?

Anyone with a big and lumpy scar may have keloid scarring. Keloids are common, especially after surgery or piercings in some areas. They can be treated using the right keloid removal technique. However, they are a difficult clinical issue because their cause is not known. Not all people with scars have keloids; however, they are more common in people with dark skin.

What Exactly are Keloids

Keloids develop when broken skin has collagen overgrowth. If the skin is broken by piercing, cut, burn, acne, or scratch, the body produces collagen, the protein necessary for wound repair. Over time, a scar fades, but for some people, the body may continue to produce collagen after the wound has closed up. This leads to collagen accumulating on the wound site. As a result, the scar will keep getting bigger than the initial wound.

It is common to see keloids scars on the upper chest, neck, and earlobes; however, they can also develop on other body areas. They are quite common on people who have a darker   skin pigmentation and can recur following treatment. That is why those who want to get their keloids removed should see a doctor who specializes in keloid removal in Miami. Most keloid scars are not painful but some can be tender and sore that could limit the functionality of the person.

Are Keloid Scars Dangerous?

While keloids are not dangerous, they can be uncomfortable. Also, these scars can cause cosmetic stress, especially when they develop on an exposed area of the body. Keloids that develop on the earlobe or face can make a person feel embarrassed even if they don’t post any threat. When keloids develop on a joint, they could impair joint functions since they can be painful. In addition, when keloids are exposed to the sun during development, they will have a darker color.

Reasons to Remove Keloid Scars

Over time, keloids tend to grow slowly, although they stop after a while. They will be forever on the skin unless successfully removed. Even if they are not dangerous, the discomfort they bring should be enough reason to get them removed. Also, it makes sense to get rid of a keloid when it is in a very obvious area of the body for cosmetic purposes. However, it is important to seek professional keloid removal to ensure the success of the procedure. Keloid removal is often available at aesthetic centers.

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