Look For Atténuation Des Cernes Colorés from the Right Distance and Points

The attenuation des cernes colores  refer to the intensity of the colored rings that allows you to set colors of your light. The settings of attenuation cause the distant objects to appear dimmer.

Attenuation is the result of light retreating over distance. In 3ds, you can set the values of attenuation explicitly. The effects help in varying from real-world lights, thereby giving more direct control over how the lights fade in or out.

Having no attenuation, generally an object appears to grow brighter while it moves from the light source. This refers to the angle of incidence that is approaching 0 degrees more of the faces of the object.

The far attenuation value sets a distance such that the light drops off to zero. The Near attenuation value at which the light “fades in” sets the distance. These controls are turned on and off using a toggle known as Use.

When Use is set as far attenuation, the light source uses the value by its color and multiplier controls. Thus, the value remains from the source to the distance, then its value drops at the distance specified off to zero at the end.

Adding attenuation

When Use is positioned for near attenuation, the light value is at zero up to the distance right from the Start, and from Start to the distance denoted as End, the value increases. Thus, Beyond End, the light remains as value specified by the color and features multiplier controls, unless far attenuation is active.

You cannot set the Far and near attenuation distances as they overlap.

Tip: When lights are attenuated, it is best to have too bright lights on the near surfaces or even too dim on the far surfaces. The exposure control can assist in rectifying the problem. The physical scene is adjusted as the larger dynamic range and the smaller in the display.


  • Choose the light color using the color selector
  • Click on the color swatch that is next to the multiplier spinner
  • There is a display of a modal color selector
  • Choose a new color using the color selector and click OK.
  • Show the new light color with shaded viewports as update

To change the intensity of light:

  • Increase the multiplier value light

To use attenuation:

  • Set the values of the Start and End
  • Turn on use.

Attenuation is in effect when the scene is rendered or shaded.

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