Various Ways Red Light Therapy Can Benefit Skin And Hair

There are countless cosmetic treatments available on the market that helps in enhancing the texture and color of the skin. One of the increasingly used methods is red light treatment. When used for a period of three to six months, it provides better sleep, improved skin and a happier mood to a person. Before you begin to consider this therapy, it is important to learn about the benefits offered by this therapy in detail.

About red light therapy

Red light therapy is also called as photo biomodulation. It uses a particular wavelength of light to sink inside the skin. It gets absorbed within the skin at a depth of eight to ten millimetres. This implies that it reaches to all the different skin layers, blood vessels and the entire lymph system.

With this level of penetration, it provides therapeutic benefits on the metabolic processes and cells of the person. Once these rays get absorbed into the body, light energy gets converted into cellular form of energy.

This conversion starts off several metabolic events such as development of new capillaries, improved secretion of collagen, and the secretion of adenosine triphosphate. Adenosine triphosphate provides usable energy to the cells. By restoring the secretion of ATP, cells begin to rejuvenate themselves, function more efficiently and repair damage.

Benefits of Red color light therapy

This therapy restores healthy functions of cells, smoothens wrinkles, enhances tone, repairs muscle tissue, scars, stretch marks, heals wound, better functioning of the thyroid gland, lessened joint pain and better arthritis symptoms. Some of the benefits have been defined below as:

  • Improved sleep
  • Improved mood
  • Improved skin
  • Fat loss
  • Increased testosterone in men
  • Hair growth

Which wavelength is best to get the desired advantage?

To avail the various benefits offered by red light treatment, it is crucial to select a device that provides an optimal wavelength of light. As per the research, light in the mid 600 nm range and lower to mid-800 nm causes the greatest impact on the respiration procedure of the cells. It has also been useful to provide optimal biological responses. Effective wavelengths of red light are seen to be at the level of 630 to 670 and 810 to 880.


Light is one of the most treasured tools to improve the health of a person. As healing happens at the deepest cellular level, several aspects of the health get improved with this red light therapy.

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