What Makes Kérastase’s Symbiose The Best Range To Treat Dandruff?

It can be difficult and embarrassing to deal with and treat dandruff, which has now become a common scalp concern. Fortunately, Kérastase, the renowned French hair care brand, has come to your rescue with its innovative Symbiose range. We will look at the key features that distinguish Kérastase’s Symbiose range from other brands, making it the ideal choice for people looking for an effective solution for dandruff. Let’s take a look at some of the distinctive characteristics and ingredients that make Symbiose an ideal range to treat dandruff and restore your healthy, dandruff-free scalp.

Benefits of Kérastase’s Symbiose range

1.     Advanced formulation

The innovative formulation, precisely designed by Kérastase’s team of experts, is at the heart of the Symbiose range’s performance. The range integrates cutting-edge scientific research and innovative substances that specifically tackle the basic root cause of dandruff. The active ingredients work together to balance the scalp’s microbiome, control sebum production, and treat the Malassezia fungus, which causes dandruff.

2.     Unique blend of ingredients

The Symbiose range’s unique blend of ingredients, carefully chosen to treat dandruff because of their anti dandruff properties, is one of its prominent features.

a.       Salicylic acid

The dandruff shampoos and serum from the Symbiose range are enriched with Salicylic acid which helps in eliminating flakes while moisturizing the scalp.

b.      Piroctone Olamine

The Piroctone Olamine in these products reduces yeast reproduction, slows down cellular renewal speed and quickly acts on the formation of dandruff.

c.       Glycerin

The Symbiose Bain Crème Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is designed especially for dry and sensitive scalp. It has Glycerin, a moistener that provides your hair with maximum hydration and softness.

d.      Bifidus Extract

The Symbiose Anti-Dandruff Serum by Kérastase has Bifidus extract which helps maintain a healthy scalp ecosystem.

       3.    Customized Solutions for Different Needs

Kérastase recognises that everyone’s scalp condition is unique and that an approach that fits all is ineffective. As a result, the Symbiose range provides a collection of specialized treatments to address various dandruff challenges Whether you have a dry or oily scalp, there are products in the range that will provide essential care and efficiently treat dandruff while maintaining ideal scalp health.

      4.    Luxurious and Sensorial Experience

In addition to its impressive efficacy, the Symbiose range gives a luxurious sensory experience that enhances your hair care routine. With its delicate scents and velvety textures, Kérastase has thoughtfully crafted the range in order to satisfy your senses. The products not only treat dandruff, but they also turn your self-care routine into a pampering ritual, promoting your entire well-being.

Get to know the Symbiose range of products

1.   Symbiose Bain Pureté Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

The Bain Pureté Anti-Dandruff Shampoo by  Kérastase is designed especially for oily sensitive scalp prone to dandruff. It is powerful enough to treat dandruff and oil scalp instantly. It is a dermatologically tested product that offers up to seven weeks of anti-dandruff efficacy. All you have to do is apply this dandruff shampoo on wet hair and distribute it overall. Massage the shampoo in your hair and rinse it off.

2.   Symbiose Bain Crème Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Kérastase’s Symbiose Bain Crème Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is formulated specifically for dry sensitive scalp. It is enriched with salicylic acid, Piroctone Olamine and Glycerin that dissolve flakes, reduce yeast reproduction and also offer nourishment to your hair and scalp. It has a creamy formula that removes dandruff from your hair without making your scalp too dry. This dandruff shampoo too offers up to seven weeks of dandruff efficacy.

3.     Symbiose Anti-Dandruff Serum

The Symbiose Anti-Dandruff Serum has a unique formula enriched with salicylic acid, Piroctone Olamine and Bifidus extract that provide instant protection against dandruff. This night serum is sulphate and silicone free. It treats dandruff and gives you a healthier, breathable scalp with no flakes. It has a no sticky and non greasy formula that soothes scalp irritation and discomfort and promises up to seven weeks of anti dandruff efficacy.

Use this serum to treat dandruff at least three times a week before going to bed for up to four weeks consistently. Apply 4 doses on a towel dried scalp cleansed by a dandruff shampoo, section by section. Massage gently and keep it overnight. Do not rinse the product off and let it do its magic overnight.

If you’re looking for effective products to treat dandruff, go no further than Kérastase’s Symbiose range. It exceeds all expectations with its outstanding formulation, unique balance of ingredients, and luxurious experience. Trust Symbiose’s revolutionary power and say goodbye to dandruff, allowing your hair and scalp to thrive in a state of restored vitality.

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