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Six Mistakes to Avoid Maintaining the Glow of your Skin

Skincare can be confusing as you try to determine which product to use and how much. In fact, you might even wonder if you really need serum or avoid exfoliation. The last thing you will want to experience a breakout because of using wrong skincare or makeup products. However, these products are not the only ones that can damage your skin. There are other factors that come into play.  If you want to keep your skin healthy from the inside to the outside, make sure you don’t make the following mistakes:

Ignoring Sunscreen

Don’t think of sunscreen as a beach product. As long as you are outside and exposed to the sun, you need to wear sunscreen. You have to protect your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays which can cause mild to serious damage to your skin. Make SPF a part of your morning makeup routine.

Using Alcohol-Based Products

These products do more harm than good to your skin. Make sure you check the ingredient list of a product to determine the amount of alcohol it contains. Alcohol-based products can make your skin very dry and tight so stay clear of them.

Failing to Change your Pillows Regularly

Pillows can hold makeup residue, dead skin cells, oil and dirt that can are not friendly to your skin. All of these can transfer to your face when you keep on using unwashed pillows. Make sure you wash your skin once or twice every week.


Touching your Face Frequently

Just like your pillowcase, your hands can have bacteria which transfer to your skin when they come in contact with your face. If you have an acne-sensitive skin, you should avoid the habit of touching your face a lot.

Over-doing Cleansing

Over-cleansing your face eliminates the essential oils and moisture that your skin needs to glow. This can result in more breakouts since your skin needs to produce more oil to compensate. You over-do cleansing when you feel your skin is tight.

Failing to Get Enough Water and Sleep

For a healthy skin, you should start aiming to get eight hours of sleep and consume eight glass of water every day. Getting enough sleep provides your body and skin enough time to repair and rejuvenate. In addition, water keeps skin cells hydrated. Dry and dull looking skin results from a lack of water in the body.

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