Everyday Activities That Can Weaken Your Teeth 

Many people experience pain in their teeth and feel it is weakening despite taking proper care of their oral hygiene. They also experience other major issues such as sensitivity, tooth pain, etc. A healthy smile is associated with good oral health. Apart from following a proper oral care routine, there are several things you need to avoid. 

Several habits affect your teeth health poorly. It is important to know these habits to avoid them in the future. If you have teeth weakening issues, get North Coconut Creek dental implants by talking to your dentist today. Meanwhile, here are some common daily life activities that might be deteriorating your dental health. 

Everyday activities affect your teeth.

  • Eating sugary foods.

Sugary substances can significantly harm your teeth. Sugar is bad for your teeth, especially those which get stuck to your teeth for a longer time such as chewy candies and jelly. When sugar gets stuck in your teeth, the bacteria in your mouth consume it. An acidic environment is created in your teeth, which degrades the outermost layer of your teeth, the enamel, and causes it to decay.

  • Smoking.

Smoking not only affects your dental health, but also your overall health. Smoking can increase the risks of lung cancer, oral cancer, and various other gum diseases. It causes your teeth to stain, no matter how well you keep up with your oral care routine. Quit smoking today if you want a healthy and bright smile forever.

  • Chewing on ice.

Many people find chewing ice a fun activity. They believe it is sugar-free and natural and will not cause any harm. However, this is a bad habit and can affect your teeth badly. Chewing on hard, frozen cubes of ice can weaken your teeth, and in the worst cases, it can cause them to crack or chip. 

  • Drinking too much wine.

People all around the world love sipping glasses of wine. However, anything in excess can cause you harm, and unfortunately, it includes wine, too. Avoid consuming too much wine if you are a wine lover, as it weakens your teeth. The red wine and the white wine are the most acidic. Next time you wish to swirl it around your teeth, just remember this acid can erode your teeth. 

  • Overbrushing.

People have a misconception that brushing their teeth harder and longer keeps their teeth more healthy and clean. This is a myth. Brushing roughly and haphazardly weakens enamel and causes gum abrasion.

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