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Using a Toner in the Correct Manner is Essential for your Daily Skincare Routine

Your home is the safest and neatest place where you get fresh air to breathe. However, once you are out of the house, you come in contact with dirt, pollution and UV rays. These elements are harmful for the skin. The UV rays when come in direct contact with your skin can damage the layer. It dries your skin leaving it tanned and with time you see wrinkles on your face. Dirt and pollution sticks to natural oil on your skin and clog your open pores. Due to the blockage of pores, you can see acne and pimples all over your face.

That is why using a reputed facial toner twice in a day is necessary to keep your face fresh looking. It helps in keeping your skin dirt free and also removes that extra oil that can attract dust on your face. As a woman, simply using some beauty products isn’t enough you need extra fifteen minutes to give proper cleansing and nourishment to your skin.

Not many know the importance of a skin toner as they feel that it is a combination of alcohol that will dry their skin pulling away softness and giving wrinkles easily.

Here are some benefits of a skin toner –

  • Removes dirt, oils, and left-over makeup.
  • Removes extra oil that can give birth to acne and pimples.
  • It removes dead skin.
  • It doesn’t close pores but minimizes them.
  • Make your skin look fresh and clean.
  • Continuous usage improves your skin and maintains pH balance

Here is the right way of using any toner early morning or after a hectic day at night before going to sleep 

  • Select an appropriate toner which is within your budget. Sometimes, searching online or talking to a dermatologist also helps.
  • Wash your face properly with your favorite and suitable face wash.
  • After drying it with a towel apply a small quantity of toner on cotton pad. Make sure that the cotton ball isn’t saturated but just a small amount is enough.
  • Move in circular motion around your face, especially on chin, cheeks, nose, and T-zone.
  • Avoid contact with eyes, lips and nostril as it contains alcohol.
  • Repeat the technique with another fresh cotton pad until you see no dirt on it.
  • Once you’re sure you have cleaned your face properly then let the toner dry on face, but don’t wash it.
  • Once it evaporates and you feel your skin dry and stretchy then apply your favorite day or night cream to give nourishment and soft feeling.

Using a toner isn’t bad if it is from a good and reputed company. Don’t judge any brand with their price tag, but check reviews online for products and choose your skin type.

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