What you Should Know when Getting Salt Scrubs at a Spa

A salt scrub is a famous body treatment that you can get at a spa. It is meant to exfoliate your skin, remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells, and make your skin softer and smoother.

At Strom Spa, a salt scrub is often followed by a shower. But, sometimes, the therapist will take the salt off your skin with hot towels. After you shower, you dry off and lay back down on a dry table to be applied with lotion or body cream. The person who will do this is not necessarily a massage therapist. Because a salt scrub is a skin treatment, an aesthetician can do it.

What to Expect during a Salt Scrub

Often, a salt scrub happens in a wet room that is equipped with a shower. In general, the scrub is a blend of sea salt, aromatic essential oil, and sweet almond oil. You may be asked to lie on a massage table covered with a sheet, towel, or a thin piece of plastic. In some spas, you might be lying on a wet table with a shower attached to it. Your service provider will offer you a pair of disposable underwear and you will be required to wear them if you are a man. You will be draped with a towel and the part that aesthetician will work on will be exposed.

While you lay on your stomach, the aesthetician rubs the salt gently over your skin. The salt’s abrasiveness eliminates the dead skin cells. Then, your aesthetician will ask you to turn over so they can exfoliate the other side. Do not hesitate to speak up when they rub too hard. After the scrubbing, you will be asked to shower to rinse off the salt. Never use soap or shower gel to keep the oil and aromatics on the skin.

Some Treatments that Go with Salt Scrubs

When you visit a spa, you can choose to get a salt scrub alone; however, it is usually the first step in a body wrap. The reason is that exfoliation prepares your skin for products such as algae or seaweed which detoxifies your body by stimulating circulation. Also, a salt scrub can be combined with a massage. You will have to get the scrub first as it’s stimulating and the massage will calm you down. Keep in mind that people differ in their skin sensitivity and if the scrub feels too harsh, inform the aesthetician.

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